How to Behave Well, When You Are in Mountains During Any Best Adventure Vacations

There is one important thing you have to keep in your mind while travelling to any mountainous destination and it’s- how to behave with locals. Either you go solo, or with a group of people, you need to follow some criteria from your human side before doing anything in strange locality. Once you are loved, you don’t need to be loved again. But once you are hated, it will take a long time to get that precious love back. So there are so few things of personal etiquette, you should always follow while having any adventure tour and travels.

1- Always try to give maximum

Yes, Pahaadi people have a life full of struggles. Peace of mind, and respective nature of them is something you should consider before going to do any act. Before bargaining or cutting down the price of anything, think about the behind process of it. It’s always good to know such things, that makes you responsible traveller and good human being too. So always keep in mind during any best adventure vacations.

2- Make people happy around

This means you don’t to judge any of their activities they are doing from their lifestyle. You just need to admire what is there, because that is the only thing going to be life changing for you afterwards. Never make a fun of whatever they are wearing, or whatever strange activities they are doing for their livelihood. It’s there culture, and you shouldn’t be involved in it with a funny mood. Doing such things on any adventure tour and travels gives different kind of feeling to every heart

3- Respect the rules

This is always the matter for many, who don’t know about pahaadi people and start boasting about their unknown status. Always respect for any cultural taboo, or rituals they people are following. They are living in mountains, so for them faith is everything and you don’t need to break that chain. Like in Malana, the locals believe themselves as descendants of Alexander and feel everyone else inferior. You can’t touch the walls of local houses or can’t enter any temple of village. Yes I know it’s strange, but still the bravery lies in following them silently.

4- Meet,  greet and spread love

Whenever you see any stranger on mountains, do greet him. They people are so respective and lovable. You would even feel so good after talking with them. Just initiate the conversation, everything else will be more than magic. Try to take gifts from your place as its always new for locals. The happiness of children after getting such presents can’t be described in words. If not for sake of anyone else, for sake of humanity do such things and you will be blessed forever.

5- Don’t leave trace, and keep things in place

One of the most horrible things we people do while going to mountains is treating mountains like how we treat our plain land. You are already polluting the world, and mountains are antidote of it. And you are polluting them too? No, this can’t be endured by locals or not even any responsible citizens. Don’t leave any waste like plastic, polythene or related things on mountains. Always respect the natural organization, so don’t try to disorganize any of flow created by those people. If can’t give respect, at least don’t pollute them when going to any of your personal best adventure vacations.

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