Ayurveda: Can you thicken your hair with Ayurvedic Oils?

Ayurveda has been a great area packed with solutions. No matter you have hair issues, stress or anything else; you can find relief under its realm. Once you follow the remedies provided by Ayurveda you would definitely find great results in your hair. Your hair would be stronger and thicker for sure.

You can start using Ayurvedic oils for thick hair, and find results soon. So what should you do to get back the spectacular hair that the previous generations had? The solution is actually simple. Do what your grandparents and amazing great-grandparents did – Practice conventional hair care rituals to improve and maintain the natural charm and strength of your hair.  Have a look at the conventional hair practices for thick, lengthy, beautiful hair.

Don’t miss out the massage

In case there was just one thing you can to do for your amazing hair then that is Oil Massage Your Hair. Oiling hair properly is the most important ritual in conventional hair care. It is the apparent secret to thick, long, shiny tresses. Of course once your hair is shiny, strong and thick; you would feel great right? So, the idea is to pick the ayurvedic oils and start applying them on your hair. Your hair would definitely get revolutionised in the most effective manner.

Oil massage brings with it the necessary nutrients through enhanced circulation. As little as five minutes of head massage can make a spectacular difference in the health of your beautiful hair. The pure plant oil leaks into your scalp and nourishes the hair follicles, which are the substratum of your hair. Massaging with your fingers actually soothes your scalp and exfoliates the hair follicles that might be clogged by dead skin and flakes.

Which type of oils can you use?

 You can make use of any type of oil of your choice. Most popular oils used in the present time are Ayurvedic oils. It is because these oils are made up of natural ingredients and rich herbs.  You can find oils like ayurvedic coconut oil, mustard oil and even that of sesame oil.   The best part is that these oils are free of any chemicals and hence you would not have to worry about anything. The oils will start showing you results if you apply them and massage with them regularly in two weeks. You would find a thicker version of your hair and that would be impressive for sure. The procedure is to apply oil to your hair before you wash it. Leave the oil for at least one hour, or better, overnight. Then wash your hair well with a natural cleanser. And allow your hair to get air dry.  Make sure that you don’t use any type of electronic driers to dry up your hair.


So, the idea is to bring oiling in your routine and feel the experience that you seek. Your hair would definitely give you a great experience that you look for. Ayurvedic oil for hair thickness will give you a great experience for sure. Whether women, men or kids; these oils work for all.

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