What to see when looking for a broker?


When you choose a thing or a gadget you do a lot of brainstorming right? You compare the items and go through the reviews and ratings. But when it comes to brokers, you simply say yes or no. Don’t you think it is too one-sided?

When you step in the world of stock marketing, you have to make sure that you have the right tools and people in hand. You have to pick a broker who helps you make the best moves and the right ones.  Always remember whether you buy or sell a right stock or not depends heavily on your brokers.   Certainly you can find the Best Discount Broker in India but it is possible only when you have done proper search work and exploration. Before you choose a broker you have to keep in mind a few things:

What type of investor are you going to be?

You have to decide what kind of investor you want to be. Some investors make plenty of short-term trades with the purpose of making quick financial gains. It is often known as “day trading.” There are others who do the investment in a conservative manner, buying stocks and different financial instruments for the long term.  The point is some brokers are great for day traders, and others are great for more conservative investors.

What type of broker you are looking for?

Find out whether you need a full-service or discount broker. A full-service broker is going to cater you expert guidance and a huge variety of services ranging from investment advice to that of retirement planning. However expensive, these are often finest for those who are beginners when it comes to investing. Discount brokers, on the other side, charge less and cater you fewer services. These brokers may be great for those who already know a lot about making proper investments. [

  • There are discount brokers who can offer high-quality research on their site, and it makes them potentially good options for a beginner investor who cannot afford a full-service broker.
  • Full-service brokers shall mostly offer one-on-one investment advice. It can be either in a physical location or via online chat. Some discount brokers also cater this service. But be aware that this type of specialized service can comes with a good price tag, even in the instance of discount brokers.

Give attention

It is important that you give attention to the kind of broker you’re dealing with.  Brokers who deal directly with you (investor) are known as regular brokers, while the ones who act as intermediaries between the clients and larger brokerage firms are called broker-resellers. Resellers are generally less probable to have gone through the same type of intense training and certification procedure than that of regular brokers go through. These may also be controlled less carefully than regular brokers.  It nowhere means that all resellers are infamous. But it does mean that you be conscious before you pick one, mainly if you are choosing a broker for the first time.


Thus, these things help you take a decision regarding broker in a more effective and sensible way.

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