Signs to visit a sexologist

visit a sexologist

Relationship troubles be it physical or mental, it can arise among any couple. Several reasons can be responsible for the problem. Only a sexologist can help you deal with them.

As described by sexologist in Navi Mumbai the most common causes of problems are as follows:

  • The couple does not enjoy having sexual intercourse or may have orgasm trouble.
  • The couple may be confused about their sexual orientation.
  • The pace their sexual relationship may not be right for them.

In most of the situation, people are often ashamed of visiting a sexologist in case of any sexual problem. But to be very frank, any concern regarding your sexual health is not a thing to be ashamed of. The fact is, people having trouble in their sexual health are often surprised when they find out how widely their confusions regarding their sexual health resonate with several other people around them.

A sexual therapist, commonly known as a sexologist is the person you need to go to when you want to know the science behind your sexual health problems. Since most of us are not comfortable in sharing our problems related to sexual health as it is so personal, but below are some of the most important reasons for you to visit a sexologist and it may be worth it.

  • One of the main reason for having a trouble in your relationship is that both of you may not be in the mood for it. There might have been a big time gap since you have done it because you don’t like physical intimacy much. It can lead to a matter of dissatisfaction for your partner. Hormonal changes, pregnancy or other psychological problems can be responsible for this.
  • Your orgasms can be evasive. In some cases you might find that your orgasms are switching from being easy to impossible. You may be unable to reach a climax in spite of simulation, sexual desire and energy present between both of you, then you need to visit the sexologist right away.
  • Your mind is all about sexual desire. On the other hand you may be tormented by sexual thoughts every time which may even affect your work life. Only a sexologist can find the root cause of this kind of problem.
  • Instead of having a partner to enjoy your sexual life you prefer doing it alone. Masturbation is absolutely natural and most importantly normal. In case your sexual desires are limited to yourself instead of having it with your partner, this can create troubles in your relationship and a sexual therapist or sexologist may be able to find the correct solution for this.
  • Your body may fail to co operate while you are having a sexual intercourse with your partner. Certain problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness or painful sex can be a hurdle and bring problems to your relationships. It can also lead to embarrassment, dissatisfaction among the two of you or anxiety. Taking immediate medical help from a sexologist might bring you out of this type of problem.

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