Coloured Islamic Art On Canvas

Are you searching for online Islamic canvas art for sale? Or are you looking for Islamic canvas art for sale in brick-and-mortar stores too? Do you want your home, your walls, to be a visual expression of your faith?  In other words, do you want to display on your walls Islamic calligraphy art?

Within the world of Islamic wall art, Islamic canvas art is among the best options. A relatively new home décor idea, Islamic canvas art has been taken to by many buyers, and is both displayed in art galleries and sold on ecommerce platforms. Typed as ‘modern’ Islamic art, it involves the application of computers for colouring and sizing, and digital machines for printing on canvas. Even if there is no digital intervention, like in the case of an original painting, the use of canvas for Islamic calligraphy is a still a new innovation.

Since a long time, Islamic wall art has involved sewing the Arabictext with a golden thread on to a black-coloured silk or velvet fabric. The golden-black match of colours is inspired by hues of the fabric that covers the Ka’aba at the Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah. Traditional Islamic wall art also comprises vivid wall carpets made in Central, West and South Asia as well as Turkey. These decorative wall rugs are full of floral designs and patterns as well as elaborate borders. In the centre is aesthetically stitched Arabic calligraphy.

In the current era, people are experimenting in Islamic art with the application of newmediums, materials and production technologies. Two trends especially are doing well. The first is Islamic wall decals or stickers that are composed of vinyl and can be directly pasted on the wall without the need of framing. Decals come in various shapes and sizes and are often affordable and easily available. With no colours or backgrounds, the focus is only on the calligraphy and the message of the text.

The second interesting innovation is Islamic canvas art – with which we began this article. In this kind of art, colours and the rough texture of the canvas are a tool to attract the attention of the beholder to the work of art, and more importantly, the text.

Needless to say, colours are a significant part of wall décor. The saying ‘add colour to your life’ means a person should lead his life with a positive and cheerful attitude. In the current times, many people do up the walls of their residences in a shade that is not white. In most cases, one wall of a room is done in a colour other than white, which is generally a dark or bright shade in order to bring out the effect of contrast.

Agood number of Islamic art stores are now making use of colours and canvases.If you are searching for online Islamic canvas art for sale, you would see a wide range of pieces in different shades –green, blue, black, white, red, purple, pink, etc. The colours of the text and the backdrop contrast each other in order to highlight the text.  Because in the world of Islamic canvas art online, the message is paramount.

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