Apple Watch 5 Review – Complete Guide

Apple Watch 5 Review

In the recent Apple event, Tim Cook has unveiled new 2019 tech pieces ‘Designed in California’- talking about Apple iPhones, iWatch, iPad, and other services. Like every year, the brand has revealed its new smartwatch- best smartwatch of all time- I would say. It is the Apple Watch Series 5. The new Apple Watch 5 comes with Always-On Retina display, 64-bit dual-core S5 processor, Crown with haptic feedback, 18 hours battery life, WatchOS 6, and plenty of new features. Do these features make it a necessary upgrade? Can’t you stick to the Watch 3 or Watch 4? Let’s check it out in the Apple Watch 5 review below.

Always-on display and design

Apple has launched unique and kind of cool display with its new Watch Series 5. They call it- Always-on display! And, this thing rocks and is one of the best add-ons in the current series. The moment you look at it, you get the time. That’s what you expect from the watch, isn’t it? Rather than “Raise to Wake” kind of stuff, it is doing the right thing.

The new Always-On Retina display is built keeping the environment in mind. When you are in a darker environment, Watch shines like a beacon and the same goes when you are in sunlight. Watch 5 comes in 44mm and 40mm display size. You can get great discount on electronic items online using Snapdeal offers.

Talking about its design, you won’t find any larger difference in terms of it. It looks quite similar to its predecessor series. The same curved aluminum frame with squared display and a crown on the side- to access the stuff within the watch. Something new which might entice customers- those are the bands. The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with various bands and styles- a partnership with Nike, Titanium styling, Hermes edition, and whatnot. As the brand says, “There’s an Apple Watch for everyone.” The new titanium and ceramic colors are cool addition and so is the new Always-On display. There are not many changes you get to see in the new Apple Watch Series 5.

WatchOS 6

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with new WatchOS 6 on the go and brings new features along with it. If you are owning Watch 3 or Watch 4, you will also be getting these features. With some designing tweaks and controls, the new WatchOS 6 has made the functionality easier. The new Activity Trends feature pulls the data of 9p days and tell the trends of your activity and what you are up to.


The new Watch Series 5 comes with some exciting built-ins like a compass, noise meter, and some other fitness features. Noise meter measures the decibels and can give you a notification if you are in a too-loud environment. The new compass feature helps you in navigation and finding directions. The new Cycle Tracking feature is a great initiative by Apple to take care of women health. Using it, ladies can track the fertility sexual windows and periods. Other fitness features include heart rate monitor, steps counter, calories counter, and keep the track of your activities like walking, climbing, etc.

Battery Life

The new Apple Watch Series 5 will surprise with its battery life. You might think that it has an Always-On display and it will suck up the juice quickly. Hence, battery life will decrease! No, it isn’t the case at all. Battery life on the Watch 5 do suck up the juice but if charged daily, it will keep you on the run always. It can keep you up for the whole day and require charging in the night. Apple has claimed for 18 hours and you will be getting that- rest assured. Yes, watches are offering 4-5 days of battery, but none of them is Watch 5. Admit it, there is no brand even close to Apple in smartwatches business. You can get the latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

Final Verdict

Apple Watch 5 is the best in the market- hands down. There is not even a single smartwatch which can compete with its abilities, features, and design. Not even a single watch! If you are looking for a new and latest Apple watch and want to get hands-on the new Always-On display, it is for you. Just a reminder, Watch 3 and Watch 4 prices are dropped and if you are on a low budget, there is nothing better than Watch 3 and its successor. It has better battery life and if you don’t mind flicking your wrist, Watch 3 or Watch 4 will do the job for you. All said, Apple Watch 5 is the best and if you are looking to buy a new premium smartwatch, drop your cash for Watch 5.

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