Blackmart Alpha (2020): v9.13.3.0 Latest APK For Android

Blackmart Alpha version v9.13.3.0 for the Android operating system is free to download. The most important thing related to this app store is that the user can download directly the new games and applications just like Google Play Store, without any registration or creating an account. This application store is an ideal option for Android devices, and one can download an unlimited number of apps and games from here without any limitation. However, Google Play Store sometimes restricts android users from downloading some applications. But with Blackmart Alpha, one can download any game or application without any restriction.

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How to download Blackmart Alpha?

The user cannot directly download this app on the Android device, first, it should be downloaded on a personal computer. Following this, the user should transfer it on the Android device and install it without any issue. There is another method if you are keen to download Blackmart Alpha on the Android device, for this, one must crisscross the unknown source from the setting, which allows the user to download it directly. But if you are hoping that Blackmart Alpha is accessible on Google Play Store, then you are most probably wrong as it’s an option to Google Play Store and Google does not permit such types of applications on the app store.

Blackmart-Alpha apk download

Can we convert Blackmart Alpha into multiple languages?

Blackmart Alpha is a multilingual application, which means that one can translate this app into any language and due to this single feature, it is functioning for many people across the world. The great aspect of this application is that its free to download and install. Furthermore, this application doesn’t require any consistent payment routines. The applications and games which are accessible on Blackmart Alpha are permitted to download and install, which are much faster at downloading and installation in comparison with other app store apps. Also, there is one problem in Blackmart Alpha, which it does not warn you about that is which application is functional with the user’s device and which is not. In contrast, it simply gives one authorization to download and install all games and applications which may function or not, following downloading them. The most important part of Blackmart Alpha is that it provides different versions of the same app so that the user can update the application from within the app.

Best Features of Blackmart Alpha:

In the Blackmart application, all the paid apps are downloaded for free. No registration is required to log in. The user interface is very simple. Daily all latest apps are updated for free.

How to download Blackmart APK for Android OS?

If your smartphone is without the app not downloaded, then first you will require to download and install the application file. The process is very simple but first, you will need to enable your gadget to access apps outside the Google Play Store. For doing this, you will need to go to settings, and then click on security in your smartphone and crisscross for any unknown sources.

Still, you might be thinking “What is the need of this Blackmart Alpha APK?” The most important aspect is that it is one of the easiest apps which are very simple to operate. It comprises several benefits that you might be not able to get with other applications like this. Particularly, when you don’t wish to pay money on android applications and games. Additional benefits can be obtained by downloading the best applications. Blackmart Alpha APK is the ideal choice for android devices.

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Best Dating Apps for iOS

Best Dating Apps for iOS

The last decade can be called the era of online dating for sure. The number of apps people use to meet their love via the Internet has grown drastically, and it’s yet to stop increasing. Such platforms have become one of the standard apps everyone has on their phones, and if in the past, it was your guilty pleasure to use a dating app, today, people talk openly about them. They are now considered completely normal, and the next difficulty that appears before those who decide to use dating platform is the huge variety of such services. When it seems that there are too many of them just to pick a single one, we have come to help you in making this decision. Here you have the list of the best dating apps for the iPhone users.

  •     For the picky ones

In addition to the number of potential partners, users are increasingly worried about the quality of the base for finding life partners. This led to the emergence of exclusive dating clubs. For example, seniors who are seeking partners planning vacations for singles over 60 do not want to worry about whether their potential companion is normal or inadequate.

The creators of HighBlood went even further. They urge to abandon political correctness and do not allow “migrants,” “servants,” and “freaks” to dating services. The moderation of profiles here was entrusted to the users themselves: at least three out of five people must approve your account before it’s registered. An alternative is to pay $72.

Similar principles – albeit in a less radical form – are followed by application developers from the “only for” category. As criteria, they use race, nationality, religion, occupation, appearance, age, or gender of users. So, the BlackPeopleMeet service is focused exclusively on black users, ChnLove – on Chinese women, JSwipe – on Jewish singles, and ChristianMingle – on Christians. At Raya, they only accept creative professors who have distinguished themselves by their Instagram portfolio, and at UniformDating, military, police, nurses, stewardesses, and everyone with uniforms.

The Bro App has been established by men who want to enter into a “bromantic” relationship, and Bristlr and Spex register bearded men and those who wear glasses. SeniorD is positioned as a haven for retirees.

  •     For the busy and lazy

New solutions also appear for those who do not have such strict requirements for partners but do not have enough time to study many questionnaires. Here, online matchmakers come to the rescue – applications where there is no access to search, and the selection of candidates is carried out by an algorithm or specially hired employees.

The creators of the Eve app also took care that women did not waste time on hopeless communication. They developed a system of protection against virtual womanizers – the more profiles men approve of, the lower their public rating will go.

The British writer Shed Simov, on the contrary, came to rescue men. He launched the Shinder application, in which you can only get acquainted with him. The site emphasizes that the creator is a committed heterosexual. And although the service was originally positioned as a parody of Tinder, now Simov is looking for partners to develop a platform that will allow you to easily create applications named after yourself.

However, new startups were not limited to just manipulating the database for dating. To save users time, some of them have disabled chats. They were replaced by calendars. So, Whim requires you to immediately indicate when the user would like to go on a date with an attractive candidate. And in Dine, the emphasis is on the venue – each profile contains a list of bars, cafes, and restaurants that are of interest to the partner.

  •     For the shy and confused

The developers also took care of the newcomers to online dating, who find it easier to turn off the phone and pretend to be dead than to reply to a message from a stranger who liked them. Virtual advisers help them overcome stupor and sort out relationships.

So, the He Texted platform is aimed at girls who want to learn how to react to guys who are interested in them and what their behavior can lead to. The questions are answered by the users themselves.

For men, a more professional Hermes has been launched. For $ 79, customers get three hours of communication with experts on self-development and relationship building. Specialists can be asked to help return the ex, get out of the friend zone (the girl’s desire to remain friends), or draw up a profile for a dating site. Real-time correspondence tracking is also among the services.

Dating apps of the new era serve you features to every taste. Hopefully, you will find the one that suits your preferences.


Key skills for a perfect Artwork for your home

Art is the making of an object, image, music, etc. that are beautiful, and they express creativity. It’s a process of applying the creativity, ideas, and skills to make something aesthetic. Artwork can make something attractive. Creativity takes courage; perfect artwork requires lots of courage and skills to make, something attractive with the help of painting, drawings, and other artistic works. Artwork can be done anywhere; maybe it’s plain paper, walls, rooms, doors, and windows, etc. In this trending world, everyone wants their surroundings to look good and especially the place where you live it may be an apartment or home that you own you want it to look creative and beautiful.

Finding the right artwork is, not as simple as you think and especially when it’s related to the artwork for your home. There are no strict rules and procedure to do an artwork it’s just expressing your feeling and creativity, but you require some of the skills to do a perfect artwork.

 These are some of the skills required to do perfect artwork: –

  •   Creativity – Wherever you use creativity it’s an artwork. Creativity is the most important skill you required for artwork. Creative thinking makes good artwork it helps express your feelings to makes something look good.
  •   ·Observation- To choose a perfect artwork for your home firstly you need to do the observation like where the piece is hung on the wall, where the furniture is to be placed, what size will be perfect etc. To do a perfect artwork, you need to have a perfect observation.
  •   Self- expression – Self-expression is very important as through artwork, you express your feelings to make something look good, and as you want to choose a perfect artwork for your home self-expression is very important. Self- expression will make your artwork more perfect
  •   Focus – Focus on how you want your home to look like. Focus is required to make something perfect. It is one of the skills that you require to do a perfect artwork.
  •   Discipline – To do any work, you required discipline, like other things, the artwork also requires disciple. A proper disciple will lead to perfect artwork
  •   Perseverance – Perseverance means doing something continuously without any discouragement or thinking of the previous failure. So, perseveration is a very important aspect to do perfect artwork.
  •   Collaboration – Perfect artwork is done by collaborating different things. It’s important to work together with others to achieve a common goal like the perfect artwork for home from planning to executing. 

The above mentioned are some of the skills you required to follow to do perfect canvas Art if you have such skill, and you can do a perfect abstract canvas artwork. These where some of the key skills to do the artwork. Everyone has key skills of creativity; it’s just how you utilize it. Artwork can be done anywhere; maybe it’s plain paper, walls, rooms, doors, and windows, etc. In this trending world, everyone wants their surroundings to look good and especially the place where you live it may be an apartment or home that you own you want it to look creative and beautiful.


Apple Watch 5 Review – Complete Guide

In the recent Apple event, Tim Cook has unveiled new 2019 tech pieces ‘Designed in California’- talking about Apple iPhones, iWatch, iPad, and other services. Like every year, the brand has revealed its new smartwatch- best smartwatch of all time- I would say. It is the Apple Watch Series 5. The new Apple Watch 5 comes with Always-On Retina display, 64-bit dual-core S5 processor, Crown with haptic feedback, 18 hours battery life, WatchOS 6, and plenty of new features. Do these features make it a necessary upgrade? Can’t you stick to the Watch 3 or Watch 4? Let’s check it out in the Apple Watch 5 review below.

Always-on display and design

Apple has launched unique and kind of cool display with its new Watch Series 5. They call it- Always-on display! And, this thing rocks and is one of the best add-ons in the current series. The moment you look at it, you get the time. That’s what you expect from the watch, isn’t it? Rather than “Raise to Wake” kind of stuff, it is doing the right thing.

The new Always-On Retina display is built keeping the environment in mind. When you are in a darker environment, Watch shines like a beacon and the same goes when you are in sunlight. Watch 5 comes in 44mm and 40mm display size. You can get great discount on electronic items online using Snapdeal offers.

Talking about its design, you won’t find any larger difference in terms of it. It looks quite similar to its predecessor series. The same curved aluminum frame with squared display and a crown on the side- to access the stuff within the watch. Something new which might entice customers- those are the bands. The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with various bands and styles- a partnership with Nike, Titanium styling, Hermes edition, and whatnot. As the brand says, “There’s an Apple Watch for everyone.” The new titanium and ceramic colors are cool addition and so is the new Always-On display. There are not many changes you get to see in the new Apple Watch Series 5.

WatchOS 6

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with new WatchOS 6 on the go and brings new features along with it. If you are owning Watch 3 or Watch 4, you will also be getting these features. With some designing tweaks and controls, the new WatchOS 6 has made the functionality easier. The new Activity Trends feature pulls the data of 9p days and tell the trends of your activity and what you are up to.


The new Watch Series 5 comes with some exciting built-ins like a compass, noise meter, and some other fitness features. Noise meter measures the decibels and can give you a notification if you are in a too-loud environment. The new compass feature helps you in navigation and finding directions. The new Cycle Tracking feature is a great initiative by Apple to take care of women health. Using it, ladies can track the fertility sexual windows and periods. Other fitness features include heart rate monitor, steps counter, calories counter, and keep the track of your activities like walking, climbing, etc.

Battery Life

The new Apple Watch Series 5 will surprise with its battery life. You might think that it has an Always-On display and it will suck up the juice quickly. Hence, battery life will decrease! No, it isn’t the case at all. Battery life on the Watch 5 do suck up the juice but if charged daily, it will keep you on the run always. It can keep you up for the whole day and require charging in the night. Apple has claimed for 18 hours and you will be getting that- rest assured. Yes, watches are offering 4-5 days of battery, but none of them is Watch 5. Admit it, there is no brand even close to Apple in smartwatches business. You can get the latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

Final Verdict

Apple Watch 5 is the best in the market- hands down. There is not even a single smartwatch which can compete with its abilities, features, and design. Not even a single watch! If you are looking for a new and latest Apple watch and want to get hands-on the new Always-On display, it is for you. Just a reminder, Watch 3 and Watch 4 prices are dropped and if you are on a low budget, there is nothing better than Watch 3 and its successor. It has better battery life and if you don’t mind flicking your wrist, Watch 3 or Watch 4 will do the job for you. All said, Apple Watch 5 is the best and if you are looking to buy a new premium smartwatch, drop your cash for Watch 5.

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Upgrade your Cooking Skills with these Unique Cooking Hacks

We all have a lady who knows every hack in cooking itself. But sometimes we don’t have them at a particular moment. Luckily, there are huge amounts of incredible little tricks and quick hacks that can help anybody extraordinarily improve their cooking, and maybe get a couple of individuals inspired by further building up their aptitudes.

Here is a run-down of probably the most valuable cooking hacks that can profit everybody, paying little mind to ability level.

  1. Freeze Fresh Herbs with Olive Oil

Fresh herbs are the only thing which gets rotten soon. If you are a person who loves to eat fresh herbs in your meal, then you going to love this hack. You have to put olive oil and these herbs in ice trays and then freeze it. Next time, when you going to cook just put these cubes into the pan. If one is not getting fresh herbs then he can order online using Grofers Coupon with great offers.

  1. Cutting with Dental Floss

Not every time out knives work accurately and as we want them to work, at these moments we can use these little things which can easy our cutting part. We can use dental floss to cutoff things easily.

  1. Peel off Eggs Easily

Most of the dishes need eggs to gain the right taste and look. Sometimes it gets frustrating to peel boiled eggs every time. To make it easy just place eggs inside the refrigerator and keep them there for 2-3 days. After that, direct boil them and you will be able to peel off eggs easily.

  1. Don’t Cry while Cutting Onion?

Onions are the veg which we eat with food and use to make food. Our mom, sisters, granny, and the other who cook food for us get tears while cutting onions. So one thing we can do for them is just put onions in the freezer before 15 minutes of cutting the onions.

  1. Keep Bananas for Longer Time

Bananas get rotten very quickly if we don’t use them in 1-2 days. So we can apply a hack here that will help us to keep our bananas good for the longer duration. As we buy bananas from the vendor, just de-attach them and keep them separate.

  1. Save Dish from Burn by Yogurt

Yogurt is the thing which cools down the temperature of body and dishes too. So before putting our dish into the oven, we can spread some yogurt at side by side of the dish to save it from flames to get burned.

  1. Cook Eggs inside Onion Ring

This is one the best hack which I love the most to use it every time. Whenever I get out of idea to make dish looking cool then I use this one. I fry my egg yolk inside a complete ring of an onion. It makes it cool and tasty too. Try this one to make your dish interesting.

  1. Fish on Lemon

This is the time for some non-veg dish. While cooking fish on the grill it gets apart. Here we can use slices of lemon under the fish to grill it perfectly. It will also get a taste of lemon and you going to love it absolutely.

  1. Cool Beer’s and Soda’s Bottle Faster

These are the days of summer and most of the time we used to drink soda or beer. So we can put some wet paper towels to make our bottles cool faster than normal. This trick will also help when you have some extra guests at the party or a surprise visit of your loving one.

  1. Use Waffle to make Hash Brown

It is not an easy job to make a perfect hash brown by using hands only. You can use waffle to make this one very easy. Put them on a waffle iron and close it. By using this quick hack you can achieve the perfect golden brown color for your dish.

  1. Chocolate Balloon

Another one of the best hack which I love and apply so many times. Take an inflated balloon and drip some melted chocolate on it. Freeze it. Take out balloon out of the freezer and pop it, by doing this you will have a cup of chocolate. Voila! You now have chocolate bowls to serve your delicious dessert in. also you can get these types of desserts online using Paytm Cashback with great deals.

  1. Use Plated for Slicing

If you are making a serving of mixed greens and need to chop an entire pack of cherry tomatoes into equal parts, simply trap them between two plates and cut through them with a knife. You can cut at least twelve of them in one clean development.

  1. Dry Herbs in Microwave

For an increasingly lasting capacity arrangement, you can purchase a pack of herbs at the insect showcase – make your very own remarkable mix of herbs – and after that dry them out in the microwave. Place them in for 20-second interims, and continue turning them over until they are totally dry, so, all things considered, you can pound them up.

Make a point to arm yourself with these incredible cooking hacks, just as a smidgen of tolerance, and you will before long become the ace of your kitchen, concocting conventional dinners and displaying your freshly discovered ability before others.

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How to Maximize Your Parramatta Accommodation’s Spaces

Any hotel and accommodation expert knows that vacant space is never a good sign. In order to attract guests, Parramatta accommodation needs to have spaces filled with facilities, rooms, features, and furniture. Since the first impression is crucial when it comes to marketing a Parramatta hotel, it is very important for the property owner to invest in fit-out so as to engage clients.

Hiring a Category A fit-out firm is one of the best ways to ensure that the empty space in your Parramatta accommodation will turn into income-generating space that would entice guests. If you don’t have prior experience in hiring a fit-out company, you may get be confused with the services they offer and provide.

A Category A fit-out company will make sure that your property will become a good investment as it will become more attractive to clients. Usually, a Category A company will offer these services: demolition, strip-out, raised floors and ceilings constructions, design, and installation, efficiency improvements, lift and stair core constructions. Furthermore, it should take charge of health and safety compliance, project management, preparation of plans and layouts, environmental compliance, and full turnkey design and refurbishment.

A company providing Category B fit-out services will ensure that the owner turns his property into a great investment. Usually, Category B fit-out includes these services: interior design and architecture, partitions and meeting rooms constructions, hotel furniture and systems, support services, carpets and flooring installations, audio-visual systems, and planting and interior landscaping.

Category B is likewise recommended for businesses that want to improve their hotel spaces since it is very much applicable for hotel fit-out. In Category B, an hotel space can be turned into a more functional and efficient space by constructing and/or installing conference rooms, hotel partitions, floor and ceiling finishes, IT infrastructure, hotel furniture and fittings, lighting, audio-visual equipment, and even reception area.

If you are a property owner or business owner who wants to conduct a fit-out on his property, there are several points you should remember as far as hiring a fit-out company is concerned. There is no room for errors in hiring a fit-out firm because the project will cost you a fortune, and once you make a mistake, it could be mean loss of money and time. This is why it is very important to carefully choose the company that will work with.

When selecting a fit-out company, make sure to consider the following:

Assistance in marketing the space – Go for a fit-out company that does not only provide design and construction services but also marketing services. Choose a company that will help you find clients much faster by providing you with visuals that would entice potential clients.

Efficient in working silently – Work with a company that has experienced workers who know how to do the fit-out without making so much noise. This is very important especially if the project will take place in a residential or commercial building.

Multi-faceted Services – From planning to execution, the hotel fit-out company that you will choose should provide all the services necessary for the project. This means it is important for you to find a company that will not only provide you design and layout but also materials that the project would require.

There are numerous Category A and Category B fit out companies throughout Australia and you may have a hard time choosing the best one. However, if you consider the points mentioned above, you can be certain that you will be able to hire the most efficient one in the industry.

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Tips on How to Deal with Unprofessional Home Builders

New home builders Sydney definitely play an important role in any home construction or renovation. These professionals are your guys if just recently bought a new home or if you need your home to be renovated or redesigned. However, just like any professionals, some of them may not really be professional in the sense that they do not meet the expectations of their clients.

It is true that some home builders are not professional and inefficient. Let’s say that you picked the wrong home building crew and the home building has become a disaster so far, what would you do? Will you be that dormant client who will just let go and forget? Or will be that client who will address the issue calmly? You would want to be the second one.

As a paying client, you would want to address the issue properly. You don’t want to be an aggressive, unreasonable, and mad client since getting your emotions to take over you won’t help anyway. Instead, you would want to calmly and reasonably resolve the issue. While it is difficult to stay reasonable due to the stress and unmet expectations you have experienced, you don’t have any choice but to keep calm as it will help you resolve the issue properly.

If you don’t have any clue yet on how to calmly and reasonably confront your home builders, then these tips will come handy:

Determine the issue – Before anything else, list down the things that concern you the most. Did the builders fail to follow the master plan? Did they fail to meet the deadline? Were they unprofessional and hard to do business with? Have a handy list of things the issues that were prompted by the home builders’ unprofessionalism and inefficiency. Having this list will help you in forwarding your concerns with the home builders’ company, making sure that each aspect of the issue will be given proper attention.

Set a meeting – After determining the issues you have with the builders, you would want to set a meeting with them. Talk with their supervisor or manager in order to set the meeting. Be reasonable in setting the schedule of the meeting, making sure that all concerned parties are available on the meeting’s date and time.

Let your concerns be known – In the meeting, present all your concerns in a calm manner. You don’t need your emotions to get the best of you because it would just turn a reasonable meeting into a bitter one. You have to keep in mind that no conversation ends well if all of the parties are hot-tempered and unreasonable. Stick to your list of concerns, and specify each issue so the builders will be able to answer your concerns. Make sure to explain each item on your list; explain why it concerns you the most, and allow the builders to explain themselves as well. Also, make sure that all of the topics and resolutions presented in the meeting are documented.

Come up with an agreement – After everything’s all said and done, come up with an agreement with the approval of all parties involved. This agreement will serve as your and the builders’ guide in resolving the issues. It is advisable to have a document for this agreement so that you will have solid proof that the parties involved have agreed to respect the said agreement.

While there are inefficient home builders anywhere in the world, this does not mean all of the new home builders Sydney is like that. In fact, some of the best and most respected homebuilders can be found in Sydney. However, it is still advisable to be vigilant and careful of the people you hire in order to avoid encountering any issues in your home building or renovation.


Tips on finding the most comfortable wedding bands for men

For a man who isn’t much fascinated to wearing jewellery much in the past, wearing a wedding ring daily can be quite difficult. This is why you need to pick one wedding band that are specifically fabricated to make your man comfortable making the transition to a piece of special jewellery extremely easier. Wedding bands are something that you need to suffice in the long run, and therefore you need to choose the best wedding ring for your men — wondering how to choose the best wedding brand or ring for men? Here’s everything that you need to know before you make your final purchase.

Are you looking for a wedding band?

You know that your wedding band is the ring that your man is going to wear for the rest of your life. It is comfortable for your man, or he would never wear it. Follow the below-mentioned criteria of rings if you have made up your mind to choose the ideal wedding band for your man. So for anyone who is involved in an active lifestyle or a more physically demanding job, these rings are a perfect fit.

  •       Comfort-fit wedding bands

Every finger i8s unique, and the entire concept of comfort fit wedding rings revolve around this concept. The perk of the ring is how it is made and how it fits your finger in the inside part of the ring. The ring feels extremely comfortable, and you can wear them without any pain or indentations. This is why you need to pick one wedding band that are specifically fabricated to make your man comfortable making the transition to a piece of special jewellery extremely easier.

  •       Hypoallergenic wedding bands

Have you ever felt the irritation that nickel or other plated rings caused on your finger.? Gone are the days when the metal used to break your finger in a rash because now there are comfortable rings that are made up of materials like stainless steel, platinum, tungsten, etc. Also, pure metals that are not mixed with other metals or alloys won’t irritate your skin.

  •       Silicone Wedding bands

You can conduct a survey and would find out that the silicone rings are something that is virtually everywhere. These ultra-comfortable rings have taken the ring market by storm in the past few years because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. So for anyone who is involved in an active lifestyle or a more physically demanding job, these rings are a perfect fit.

Winding Up

Most men aren’t fond of wearing rings and jewellery daily or an extended period.  But if you want to end the struggle period or cut it short then picking something that has a flawless design and ease of wearing can be more appreciated.  Let’s be realistic! No one likes to wear heavily studded rings frequently, and for men, they are really picky and specific the jewellery kinds that they want to wear. Keep the above-mentioned points in concern and look for the rings that meet the criteria.


MovieRulz-Download Telegu,Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Online

MovieRulz 2019: अगर आप भी latest telegu movies online watch ans Download करने के लिए हर दिन नयी realese Leaked movies का free download link की तलाश करते रहते है. तो आज आपको इस Artice “MovieRulz 2019″ आपके लिए ही है. जानने के लिए पूरा जरूर पढ़े.

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इस site से आप free में Hollywood in Hindi, South Indian Dubbed Movies, Marathi movies, Bengla movies को download कर सकते है. लेकिन आपको ये पता होना चाहिए ज्यादातर ऐसी site भारत सरकार की तरफ से ban होती है.

तो इसलिए आज हमने सोचा की क्यों न ये MoviRulz Telegu के बारे में वो सभी जानकारी से परिचित करा दिया जाए. जो की जितना खास है. उतना ही dangerous भी वैसे मै आपको एक और बात बता दूँ. की Techtrick Onlineकिसी भी प्रकार के Pirated Movie downloading site को promotion नहीं करता है.

बल्कि सिर्फ हम आप लोगों को जानकारी देने में विश्वास रखते है. तो फिर बिना देरी किये जानते है. की पुराणी website न मिले तो आप MovieRulz नई वेबसाइट में भी उन्हें देख सकते है.

MovieRulz इतिहास

MovieRulz में भी बांकी movie downloading sites की तरह ही होता है. वही इस website में कुछ ऐसे features भी है. जो आपको शायद दूसरे website में देखने को नहीं मिलेगी।

इस site में सभी movie को एक category wise सजा के रखा गया है. जिससे की users को कोई परेशानी न हो और वो अपने पसंदीदा मूवी को आसानी से ढूंढ सक. वैसे तो इसमें बहुत से popular categories है. जैसे की : Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, kannada, Animation, Horror और इसमें short size format के movies भी है. जिसमे आपको 300mb dual audio telegu movies 2019 और 300mb dual audio Hindi movies 2019 मुख्य है.

और इन सभी movies को आप free में download कर सकते है. इस website से movie download करने के आपसे कोई पैसा charge नही किया जाता है. इसके बदले में बस आपको थोड़ी Ads की सामना करना पड़ जाती है. क्यूंकि इनकी income इन्ही Ads से होती है. लेकिन MovieRulz hd movie download 2019 करने के लिए बहुत ही अच्छा website  है.

Pirated Movie Downloading Site को भारत में ही नहीं बल्कि बहुत ऐसे देश है. जहाँ की Movie की Piracy करना गैरकानूनी मन जाता है. अगर इसके बारे में पता चल जाता है. तो इसके लिए जुर्माना भी लग सकता है. जिसमे MovieRulz site भी इसी तरह की केटेगरी में आता है. जो Film के Pirated Version को अपने website पे Post करते है.

MovieRulz New Domain Link 2019

जैसा की हमने पहले ही बताया की MovieRulz marathi एक Pirated website है. जिसके कारण सरकार ने इसके ऊपर पहले से ही रोक लगा कर कई बार बन्द करा दिया है. लेकिन MovieRulz के Team बार- बार अपना domain name बदल कर फिर वापस अपनी site को internet पर ले आते है. और ऐसा करने में उसको कोई ज्यादा वक्त नहीं लगता है.

इसमें website का नाम वही रहता है. सिर्फ उसका extension बदल जाता है. आपके लिए हमने निचे MovieRulz New Link 2019 का एक लिस्ट दिया है.

MovieRulz New Link 2019 movierulz.pc movierulz.pz movierulz.vt
movierulz.hs movierulz.hp
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MovieRulz 2019 – Watch Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi Dubbed Movies Free Download

हाल ही में भारत सरकार ने MovieRulz के main site को Google से Delete कर दिया था ऐसा इसलिए क्यूंकि बहुत से Media Companies से इस Piracy को लेकर Complain करी जिसके कारण Main site को Google से Delete कर दिया गया था.

इससे MovieRulz के Loyal Viewers में हल चल से मच गयी की अब कहाँ से movie download करी जाए. तो जल्द ही MovieRulz के Backend Team ने Movierulz website को launch कर दिया और फिर users को इस new site में पहले के जैसे ही वो सभी HD movies मौजूद है. download करने के लिए.

चाहे सरकार कितनी भी कोशिश करले ऐसी site को रोकनी के लिए. लेकिन ये site वालों किसी न किसी तरीके से दुबारा उठ खड़े होते है. और इसकी site से movie download होने से कोई नहीं रोक पाता है.

MovieRulz Latest Leaked Movies in Hindi

इस site पे लगभग में हरेक movies leak होती है. MovieRulz की team इसमें इतने active होते है. की किसी भी movies को Release होने के 1 या दो घंटे के अंडर में ही आपको Full HD Quality Download करने को मिल जाती है.

MovieRulz Leaks Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Online साउथ स्टार अजीत की तमिल फिल्म Nerkonda Paarvai 9 अगस्त को सिनेमाघरों में release हुयी लेकिन थिएटर्स में आते ही इस फिल्म को भी तमिलरॉकर्स पाइरेसी साइट की नजर लग गई। जी हां, MovieRulz ने अजीत स्टारर फिल्म Nerkonda Paarvai को ऑनलाइन लीक कर दिया है।

यह पहली बार नहीं है जब इस तरह से फिल्म ऑनलाइन लीक हुई हो। अब तक ढेरों फिल्में MovieRulz द्वारा लीक हो चुकी हैं। हर हफ्ते शुक्रवार के दिन नई-नई फिल्में सिनेमाघरों में दस्तक देती हैं। इसी के साथ ही ये बुरी खबर भी आती है कि Tamilrockers ने अमुक फिल्म को लीक कर दिया है।

अब तक शाहिद कपूर की फिल्म Kabir Singh , ऋतिक रोशन की फिल्म Super 30Kangan ranaut की  Judgemental hai kya और मणिकर्णिका जैसी नामी फिल्में भी MovieRulz Online लीक कर चुका है। जिससे इन फिल्मों को कलेक्शन के मामले में काफी नुकसान झेलना पड़ा।

ये अक्सर नयी फिल्मे को leak कर देता है. Super 30,  Spider-man far from home, The Lion KingKabir Singh, hindi dubbed movies release के वक्त पर ही इस साइट पर लीक हो गई थी।

दरअसल में The Lion Film को भारत में चार भाषओं में Realese किया गया था. जिसमे English को Us में जारी किया गया. बांकी तीन भाषा Hindi, Tamil, और Telegu को भारत में और अभी आपको यह movie सारे भाषओं में 3MovieRulz website पे download करने को मिल जायेगा।

MovieRulz-Download Telegu,Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Online

सरकार के द्वारा सारे कोशिश करने के पश्चात् भी इस website MovieRulz kannada movie को पूरी तरह से बन्द करने में असफल रहे है. क्यूंकि 2MovieRulz की domain को बार-बार बदल दी जाती है. जिससे Police को track कर पाना बहुत ही मुश्किल है. ऐसे Latest Leaked Movies के पीछे ज्यादातर High Qualified Students का ही हाथ  होता है. ऐसा Police का कहना है.

HD Movies Download कैसे करे?

बहुत से website में download करने की विधि अलग अलग होती हैं. इसलिए यहाँ पर हम जानेंगे की MovieRulz pz जैसे website पर आप नई Telugu, bollywood, tollywood और hollywood movies download कैसे करें.

  1. इसके लिए सबसे पहले आपको इनकी official website (पर जाना होगा. जैसे की आप उस link को click करते हैं, तब आपको सीधे आपको इसके अभी काम करने वाला वेबसाइट मिलेगा.
  2. यहाँ पे आपको360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p के मूवी formats मिलेंगे.

इसके साथ आप चाहें तो MovieRulz से 300mb dual audio english movies भी download कर सकते हैं. इससे आपको भाषा को लेकर कोई परेशानी नहीं होगी बाद में. वहीँ आप दुसरे भाषा के movies का आनंद भी उठा सकते हैं.

MovieRulz Latest Leaked Movies List in Hindi

वैसे तो MovieRulz से किसी भी new Release Movie को Laeked करने में expert है. कई ऐसी भी मूवीज है. जिसे MovieRulz ने Realease होने से पहले ही leaked कर चूका है. हम आपको कुछ movies का नाम सूचि दिए है.

  • Nerkonda Paarvai (August 2019)
  • fast and furious presents Hobbs and shaw, (August 2019)
  • Judgemental Hai Kya (July 2019)
  • Super 30 (July 2019)
  • Men in Black: International ( June 2019)
  • Spider man: Far From Home, (June 2019)
  • Will Smith’s Aladdin Genie (May 2019)
  • Marvel’s Avengers End Game (April 2019)
  • Captain Marvel (March 2019)
  • Ranveer Alia’s GullyBoy (February 2019)
  • Rajinikanth Film Viswasam (January 2019)
  • Maari 2 and KGF (December 2018)
  • 0 to Sarkar movies (November 2018)
    Vaada (October 2018)

MovieRulz पर Movies Online देखना या Download करना सुरक्षित है?

किसी भी pirated site से online movies देखना या download करना गैरकानूनी है. इसके लिए आपको जुरमाना भी हो सकता है.

आपकी जानकारी के लिए बता दूँ. की pirated पुलिस केवल ऐसी website बनाने वाले को ही नहीं बल्कि ऐसी site से online movies देखने या download करने वाले पे भी क़ानूनी कारवाही करती है.

तो अगर आप मेरी सलाह मानो तो आप ऐसी pirated websited से जितना हो सके उतना दूर ही रहे. अगर आपको MovieRulz 2019 movies देखना ही है तो आप movie downloading का legal way उपयोग करें। जैसे कि Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, Hotsrar, Sony TV इत्यादि।

te जैसे की  Tamilrockers, Tamilyogi, Tamilgun से Movies download करना गलत बात होता है. ऐसा इसलिए क्यूंकि Movies का मज़ा उठाने के हम film makers को एक भी रूपए प्रदान नहीं करते हैं.

MovieRulz Searches & Revenue

Google keyword planner report के अनुसार, MovieRulz keyword 1 day में 1M to 10M बार Search किया जाता है। लोग Google में अलग -अलग Keyword Search करके MovieRulz sites तक पहुंचते है.

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MovieRulz 2019: Download Latest Malayalam,Telugu & Tamil Dubbed Hindi Movies

MovieRulz की Onwer इस website से लगभग में $5K से $8K हर महीना कमाई करता है. इसको अगर indian Rupees में Convert किया जाए तो 3 से 5 लाख होता है.

MovieRulz की कमाई का Main Source है. Advertising है. क्यूंकि ऐसी Site पे Google Adsense का Approval नहीं होता है. जिसके कारण ये 3rd party का Ads अपने Website पे Use करते है. जैसे : Popup Ads. और भी कई ऐसे Ads Company है. जो ऐसी Site के लिए Ads Surve करती है.

हमने ऐसी कई और Pirated Site के बारे में Post लिखा है. जहाँ से आप Movie Rulz movie download कर सकते तो इसके लिए निचे गई link से पढ़ सकते है.


जैसा की हमने पहले ही बताया की MovieRulz 2019 malayalam movie download करने के लिए लाखों लोग इस site पे आते है.

और इस site से जब आप कोई भी movie को Download करते है. तो आपको काफी सारे Pop Up Ads का सामना करना पड़ता है. उसी Ads के जरिये कई ऐसे Malware होते है. जो आपके Systems में Install हो जाते है.

जिससे आपके Systems में कोई भी Hackers बहुत ही आसानी से आपके Computer या Mobile को Hack कर सकते है. और आपका persnoal Data को चोरी कर सकता है.

जैसा की हम हर Post में बताते आये है. की किसी भी Pirated movies downloading site से मूवी को download करना या online movies watch करना गैरकानूनी है. आप इस तरह की website जितना हो सके उतना दूर ही रहे.

Note : 

हम आपको किसी भी Pirated Movies से Movies Download करने की सलाह नहीं देंगे। क्यूंकि भारतीय कानून के तहत किसी भी Pirated movie site से movie online watch करना और डाउनलोड करना दोनों ही क़ानूनी अपराध है.

इसका उद्देश्य कभी भी और किसी भी प्रकार से piracy और अनैतिक कार्यों को प्रोत्साहना प्रदान करने के लिए बिलकुल भी नहीं हैं. कृपया ऐसी websites से दूर रहें और फिल्म डाउनलोड करने का सही रास्ता चुनें.


Latest designer fashion spicing up the celebrity gossip the world over

Irrespective of one’s age every individual loves keeping track of the latest in the glamour or fashion world. It is indeed true that the glamour and entertainment world has become amid the most fascinating topics of conversation the world over. Discussions over the dinner table, coffee or even in social gatherings of whatever latest is happening in the fashion world have become almost mandatory. We all wish in keeping ourselves updated with the latest gossips and news that is freshly baked from the industry.

How celebs are influencing the glamour industry?

Often celebrities are subject to a microscopic examination by the media. Their styles since several decades are known for influencing, creating and setting the trends in the glamour/fashion industry. Their casual outfits too get noticed and right away become popular. Be it their accessories, outfits, make-up or hairdos, each aspect is highly significant and watched minutely by fashion enthusiasts for getting inspired. In fact, whatever a celebrity puts on makes headlines, either it is for red carpets or shopping. Women are constantly on the search for fashion glamour trends which their favourite celebrity set. The jewellery too, that is worn by celebs becomes a trend.

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